Sheltie guinea pig

Sheltie guinea pig is one of the most beautiful haired guinea breeds silkies. This long-haired pig will become a great friend of a person, giving him a lot of love, especially since domestic guinea pigs are a herd animal.

With proper care, the pig will show its love and trust. As you know, the types of guinea pigs are very different.

We can distinguish between pigs not only with long hair, but also short-haired or completely hairless (like skinny). Do you want to know more about the Sheltie breed?


Sheltie guinea pigs – what is its size and appearance?

Sheltie pigs don’t differ much in height from other pet guinea pigs such as the Peruvians silkies hair sweeps, Himalayan (smooth-coated) guinea pig or the rosette guinea pig .

Adult pigs are usually between 20 and 25 cm in size, and there are almost no exceptions to this rule.

The life span of a sheltie guinea pig is 5 to 8 years, although in rare cases they can live up to 14 years. This sheltie guinea breed is as large and well-fed as other breeds.

However, you often hear about pigs described as miniature pigs. In reality, however, small piglets are an invention of pseudo-breeders and should be avoided.

svinka shelti

Facts about silkie guinea

Known facts about silkie: Sheltie guinea have no tail, and there are about the same size 4 short legs. Small ears are placed on the large head like Peruvians silkies.

Large black shiny eyes are rounded in shape. Not a long muzzle with a pink spout. The lips are quite convex.

His most striking aspect is his long, smooth and silky fur, which can be up to 20 centimeters long. Hair can be of different colors, depending on individual needs. Some of the most popular shades are black, white, cream or orange.

Coats and colors

The Sheltie guinea pig is often confused with the Peruvian guinea pig. Although the two guinea pig breeds have an elongated coat, there are many differences between them.

The coat of the silkie guinea pig is slightly smaller than that of the Peruvian guinea pig and has a different pattern.

The silkie guinea pig hair is incredibly soft and shiny, exposing the neck, looking like a mane and leaving the face open. Silkies hair sweeps backward.

The front hair of the silkie guinea pig is slightly longer than the back hair. For this reason, this breed is drop-shaped.

Sheltie guinea pig

Like other guinea pig breeds, Sheltie guinea pigs come in a variety of colors.

Returning to the silkie guinea pig, it is a long haired guinea pig whose coat covers the entire surface of the body except for the head.

Here, the pig’s coat is slightly shorter and lengthens around the ears, cheeks and nape of the neck.

If a silkie guinea pig is purchased from a professional breeding facility, its coat is sure to be shiny and styled after combing it into a sickle.

To keep the silkie guinea pig cheeks visible, breeders often comb the pig’s imposing coat – gathering it from the back of the head and combing it along the back. Images of the pig are best illustrated.

Guinea pig info pictures

Sheltie guinea pigSheltie guinea pigSheltie guinea pig


Sheltie guinea pig care

There are many pigs to be named today. Their species are differentiated mainly based on their hair type. However, whether it is a rosette guinea pig, a Peruvian, a skinny (hairless), or a Himalayan smooth-haired, all must be cared for in the same way!

The Sheltie is one of the long-haired pet coffee beans, so grooming can be a little more complicated.

The silkie guinea pigs hair does not change, but continues to grow. This is why it is important to properly care for her hair. If the hair is not taken care of in time, the guinea pig sheltie can tighten its tangles after a while, which will be very uncomfortable for the pet.

Because of these problems, the pigs may, for example, stop scratching, and food scraps will settle in their fur. And this is probably something every breeder would like to avoid! 

The guinea pig sheltie needs to brushed and bathed regularly, as not only can the bedding be saturated with dirt urine, but fur and over time can the guinea pig coat and could eventually may susceptible to fly strike.

Sheltie guinea pig

Therefore, it is best to prevent contamination dirt urine or feces from contaminating the coat of a guinea pig sheltie.

These owning a silkie guinea may need a bath. If you are going to bathe your silkie guinea pigs, use very shallow water so as not to stress the pet. You should also use a special shampoo for sheltie guinea pigs, and the water should be slightly warm.

Once the rodent is ready, it should be dried very thoroughly, especially the ears.

It is very important that guinea pigs stay dry after bathing. As small rodents, they lose heat very easily, which is harmful.

You can leave them in a warm and quiet place until they are completely dry. If you use a dryer, it is very important not to burn them.

Clipping the guinea pig’s nails will also be important. If the sheltie can’t handle the abrasion of its claws on its own, it may become too long.

Unfortunately, but then the guinea pig’s movement will be restricted, as they will not be able to lift their paws normally.

A pet guinea pig can also accidentally develop, for example, a deformed claw or inflammation.

To prevent this from happening, pigs should have their claws trimmed regularly.

Don’t know how to do this? Go to the vet! They will show you how to do it. Every pig should have claws trimmed – not just Shelties, but also Skinnies or Abyssinian guinea pigs.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, also check out the articles on furry animals collected here.

Silkie guinea pig info

Feeding the guinea pig sheltie

Do you want your guinea pig to always be healthy? Well, it’s worth paying attention to its healthy diet including vitamin.

It is worth listening to the breeder from whom you will be buying your guinea pig.

They are the ones who will know best what the guinea pig’s diet should be. It is usually recommended that you feed your guinea pig twice a day so that she can quickly get used to the feeding times. The basis for guinea pig food is, of course:

  • grasses;
  • hay;
  • balanced dry food (produced exclusively for pigs and serves as a supplement).

In addition to food and grass, pigs should also eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These should be washed and dried because pigs have sensitive bellies and can quickly become poisoned by them.

You can successfully feed guinea pigs the following fruits and vegetables:

  • spinach (in moderation because it acidifies the body);
  • romaine lettuce;
  • cabbage;
  • apple;
  • carrots;
  • parsley (root and fat);
  • celery;
  • beets (occasionally);
  • green cucumber.

Sheltie guinea pig diseases

Like most guinea pig breeds, shelter pigs most often suffer from:

  • bronchitis or pneumonia;
  • internal and external parasites (such as fleas or dust lice);
  • molar overgrowth;
  • eye problems (e.g., corneal or orbital inflammation)

Constipation and diarrhea.

If you have any doubts, be sure to take your pig to the veterinary advice! Only he will be able to determine what is wrong with the pig and find an appropriate treatment.

silkie guinea pigs

The character of this guinea pig

The Sheltie guinea pig has one of the calm and gentle nature among these animals.

It should be noted that at first they may be more shy than guinea pigs of other breeds, and it may take a little more effort to gain their trust than with others.

However, after this initial period, a strong bond can be established with these animals.

Once at home, these guinea pigs are docile, active, playful, and affectionate.

They need nattention and, like other guinea pigs, are very social. Secondly, they also need space and rest periods

This breed of pig is soft and gentle, making it an ideal choice as a pet for children, but we don’t recommend them as pets if an adult can’t look after them every day.

To keep their silky-smooth coat healthy, they require daily grooming, which makes the pet very demanding.

So, if you are a responsible adult or a teenager willing to take on the care of a guinea pig, a Sheltie may be for you.

The cost of guinea pig sheltie

In breeding, you often have to pay between 300 and 400 zlotys per pig. Of course, there are also cases where the price of a guinea pig is much lower than this amount. Nevertheless, it is worth thinking about buying it then.

A pig not from a breeder, but for example from a false breeder (stubbornly claiming that “this is a miniature pig!”), may have genetic defects or character problems – especially when it has been bred to power, fed sloppy stuff and raised in harsh conditions for the pig.

Always pay attention to the conditions in which the piglet lives. Unfortunately, pet stores also for the most part do not provide the right conditions for pigs because, for example, there is no good and natural light, quiet or more space to move around.

If you want your sheltie to be vigorous and healthy, it is worth keeping an eye on the breeding list in Poland and reading the opinions of domestic coffee owners who have bought them from them.

If the piggy has a pedigree, it will also be able to participate in shows! Think about that before you decide to buy a Sheltie pig from an unverified source.

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