Rex guinea pigs

Guinea pig breeds differ not only in size, color and coat quality, character, behavior, and even attitude toward humans. The Rex guinea pigs is one of the oldest biggest breed that have a lot of positive qualities. Among them are a benevolent disposition and a gentle attachment to the owner.


History of the origin of rodents

The history of guinea pigs goes back to ancient times: they were first domesticated by South American tribes. The inhabitants of the continent cooked and ate guinea pigs.

But at the same time rodents were worshiped – drawn on works of art and sacrificed in solemn rituals.

Stages of distribution of individuals

The history of the distribution of individuals can be divided into several stages:

  • 13th century. The Incas became acquainted with rodents and began the process of domestication.
  • 15th century. Guinea pigs spread to Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.
  • 16th century. Rodents became known to Spanish conquistadors, who conquered these countries.
  • In the same 16th century, unusual rodents appeared in Europe thanks to the merchant ships. At first, animals were used as guinea pigs in laboratories.
  • XVII century. In the aristocratic families of Spain, Holland and England guinea pigs began to spread as pets.

Museums to this day have guinea-pig figurines from archaeological digs in Peru.

In modern times rex guinea pig have won the love of many people around the globe and is an excellent pet.

These rodents are distinguished by their good-natured disposition, cute muzzle, and cute habits.

How came to be guinea pig breeds

Despite the fact that the rex breed pig has long been one of the most sought-after guinea pig breeds, it still does not have official recognition in all countries.

The pet is called a royal for a reason, and it’s not even about the name (rex – translated as “king”).

These rodents are very large and have great fur, which can be any color.

English breeders for half a century were working on the development of a new breed, trying to get affectionate, big in size rodent with beautiful fur.

The first description of the Rex guinea pig breed

The first description of this animal dates back to 1919, but the final formation of the breed and the standard occurred almost half a century later. As a result, in 1975 the piglet with a thick fur coat of unique structure was born.Rex guinea pigs

Due to the fact that she has no scruff, the feeling when you stroke the animal is very pleasant. This is especially appreciated by children, for whom the rodent resembles a plush toy.

Distinctive features

The animals have a bunched, elastic torso, developed muscles and a broad skeleton. On average rex guinea pig size have a length of 20-25 cm. Largest guinea pig breed it is not uncommon for to reach 35 cm.

The trademark of the Rex is the rosette droopy ears of adults. In babies, they are flat.

The piggy is very active, constantly on the move.

The Rex (or, the second name, the royal guinea pig) is one of the youngest breeds. Its main feature is its unusual hair structure: the short hair (up to 1.2 cm), stiff, slightly curly, resembling down.

Guinea pigs colors

The color of the silky fluffy fur can be any color. Very beautiful animals are red, black, gray, and dalmatian pigs.

Rex’s coat of agouti color, when each hair is colored in three different shades, are popular.

The color of the animal’s tummy is equal in color to one part of the hair and contrasts with the overall color of the whole animal.

There are six basic color forms of agouti: wild or lemon, silver, chocolate, golden, cream and cinnamon.

Hair Care

The adult, curly hair of the Rex guinea pig starts to grow out at one year of age.

The short and curly coat appears plush and many breeders compare the Rex guinea pig breeds to its close relatives, the American Teddy guinea pig.

Rex guinea pigs

However, even visually, the two breeds have many differences. The main one is that the teddy guinea pig fur is shorter and softer.

Guinea pig fur is not difficult to care for. It is enough to comb the animal daily with a soft brush made of natural bristles.

It is necessary not only to make the hair shiny, but also to comb out dust, straw or hay remnants, possible parasites and loose hair.

If you don’t brush your pet for a long time, dandruff may appear.

Compatible Breeds

You can keep other guinea pig breeds with your guinea pig, including long-haired breeds such as the Silky, and other short-haired breeds such as the teddy guinea pigs.

teddy guinea pigs


Large rodents live longer than small rodents. The average life expectancy of a Rex is 6 years. But if you organize him a competent care and monitor its health, will live for 8 years.

The animal is very peaceful and friendly, loves attention and quiet. If you minimize stressful situations for the pet, it will enjoy his presence for a very long time.

Rex guinea pigs

Care and maintenance

Large breeds require special conditions of housing, which include a large cage and the possibility of walking.

For comfort, the animal will need:

  • A cage of at least 60x35x45 (if larger, even better);
  • A house with a flat roof and a low ramp
  • an aviary with exercise and play areas;
  • two feeders (for dry and wet food), automatic drinker;
  • quality cage filler;
  • the bottom of the cage should not be mesh, otherwise the rodent can hurt his paws.

cage for guinea pig rex

Where to place the guinea pigs cage

Rex love to watch their owners. Therefore, the cage should be placed so that the pet can see the household. He will climb onto the house to get a better look at what is going on around him.

Rex will like soft hay as a bedding the best. Aquariums, even very large ones, are no substitute for a cage for these animals.

There is no air exchange and the animal will be forced to breathe stagnant air, which will shorten its life.

The pig’s home should be cleaned at least once a week. A wooden cage absorbs odors and dampness and does not clean well, so it is best if it has a plastic tray and metal bars.

If the cleaning is done strictly on a schedule, the pig will not be stressed by interfering with its home.

Rex family guinea pigs

From time to time, guinea pigs need to be let out of their cage for a walk. They are very curious. They need a twenty-minute jog not only for entertainment, but also for their health.

If the pet does not have an opportunity for active walks, it will feel bad, become lethargic, gain extra weight, and its life expectancy will be shortened.

A large aviary next to the cage will solve the walking problem. Otherwise, it is necessary to give the rodent the opportunity to run around the room every day.

sea cage rex babies

Beforehand, you need to remove everything that can bring him harm. Do not leave the pet unattended.

Hygiene procedures

At about 12 months of age, the piggy Rex has already formed an adult coat, which requires careful care. It needs to be brushed at least once every two days. Get a special soft brush for rex at the pet store.

Rex guinea pigs

The hair is combed for hygienic purposes. During this process, hay residues and stuck food are removed from the coat. Rex has a much softer coat after regular brushing and a shiny, well-groomed fur.

Bathing rex cavy

An adult pet rex can be bathed no more often than once every six months or when the dirt is very heavy.

Rodents do not like water procedures. You should not add unpleasant emotions to a sensitive pet.

To ensure that the coat of the animal does not get dirty, the cage is kept clean and the bedding is changed regularly.

Rex guinea pig diet

Royal rex guinea pig are distinguished by their outstanding size among their congeners. And rex guinea pigs diet need more food. And they need vitamin C to keep them fit, because guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin c

Rex guinea pig diet in the same way as other pigs, with the difference that a large animal needs more food. And for the rodent not to get fat, increase the amount of greens in the diet, give the opportunity to move more.

You can buy special pellets. Clean water should always be present in the cage. In summer the pet may be completely transferred to green food for the prevention of obesity.

In order that the pet doesn’t get poisoned by missing food, the pieces of fruit and vegetables should be small and eaten immediately by the animal.

Rex guinea pigs

An apple or carrot should start and end the day with an apple or carrot, and grain should be in the feeder all the time.

Rex guinea pigs eat:

  • Greens (parsley, dill, watercress);
  • fresh vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers);
  • fruits (apples, hard pears);
  • fresh meadow hay (timothy hay);
  • twig food of shrubs and fruit trees;
  • unsweetened croutons (wheat and rye);
  • Grain (oats, wheat, barley).

What Guinea Pigs Rex Eat

There is a list of foods that mumps should not be given categorically:

  • chocolate;
  • garlic;
  • mushrooms;
  • pickles;
  • bitter peppers;
  • citrus fruits.

To this list of forbidden foods can be added foods from the human table, which include spices, sugar and salt in large quantities. The piggy rex is a complete vegetarian.

Avoid cabbage and clover on the menu, as they cause increased gas in your pet.


An adult rex guinea pig needs about one cup of vegetables a day to stay healthy and satiated.

Root vegetables such as carrots and parsnips can be served occasionally, but not often because of their starchy nature.

Remove fresh fruits and fresh vegetables from the rex guinea pig cage within 24 hours of making them sick from eating spoiled food.


Another great addition to your Rex’s diet is fruit.

Fruit can be a healthy and tasty snack for your rex guinea pig, especially if you choose fruit that is rich in vitamin C.

However, fruit is high in sugar and should not be given to your pet in excessive amounts. A few pieces twice a week are more than enough for a Rex guinea pig.

Feeding your rex guinea pig too much fruit can lead to bladder problems, diarrhea and other health problems.

Great fruits such as kiwi, papaya, blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and apple (remove the core) should be included in the Rex guinea pig diet.


Last but not least food pellets:

  • you must make sure your Rex guinea pig has access to pellets every day.
  • about ⅛ cup is enough for most adult Rex guinea pig.
  • try to find non-fat Rex guinea pig pellets with added vitamin C (grass hay is also an excellent option that is good for the digestive system).
  • don’t buy guinea pig rex granola or any other guinea pig products that contain seeds.
  • in addition to being very fatty, seeds can be dangerous to your pet rex.


Females reach sexual maturity at 4-5 weeks of age and males at 8-10 weeks. After three months, the mumps are theoretically ready to breed. But an early pregnancy will have a bad effect on the health of the babies and the mother.

Therefore, it is better to wait until 5-6 months. If you form pairs with beautiful colors, the cubs will inherit a beautiful coat.

pig breeding

Animal reproduction

Carrying the babies lasts for 60 days. One hundred gram babies are completely helpless and completely dependent on the female.

After the age of 2, pigs should not become mothers. Rex pigs usually give birth to four cubs.

Rex Guinea pigs breed as mothers are very gentle and take good care of the babies.

Character and habits

Rexes are not only the largest of all Rex guinea pig, they are also the most energetic. They move a lot, running and overcoming obstacles.

Therefore guinea pig will need a variety of toys and gadgets. If you give your pet enough time, he will learn to do different tricks.

King pigs have a good-natured character. Once accustomed to the smell of their owners, they will recognize them and gladly play with both adults and children.

Handle with animals should only be careful – they are very fragile.

To guinea pig owners Rexes can safely be purchased by families with children this good pet. Taking care of them is not difficult, the animals are not aggressive.

It is difficult to imagine a Rex with a bad temper. They are able to adjust to circumstances and well sense the mood of the owner.

They like to sit on your lap and love to be stroked, also rex guinea pigs hypoallergenic. They are social animals that obey training and quickly remember their nickname.

It is hard to imagine more rex guinea pigs friendly docile and rex guinea pigs friendly.

He will accept any attention from the owner with gratitude.

Rex guinea pig breeds are characterized by:

  • Sturdy build,
  • Well-developed musculature,
  • Broad shoulders,
  • Wide, neat head,
  • Rounded nose with a neat curve,
  • Expressive, slightly bulging eyes, intelligent and shiny,
  • Short, thick and straight neck,
  • Broad, well-muscled chest,
  • Smooth and straight back,
  • Rounded and slightly drooping croup,
  • Straight and level paws,
  • Tightly clenched toes with even and neat claws.

Disadvantages and vices of the exterior are:

  • Squinting,
  • Strabismus,
  • Crooked forelimbs or hindquarters,
  • Narrow chest and narrow shoulder blades,
  • Humped or saggy back,
  • A pointed or overly oblique croup,
  • Elongated narrow body,
  • Light boning,
  • Raw lower eyelid.
  • Guinea pigs with any of the flaws are not allowed for breeding.

All Rexes have large rounded ears, slightly drooping, which many breeders compare to rose petals.

Newborn piglets may also have pointed, protruding ears, which become normal with age.

guinea pig

Is a boy or girl Rex guinea pig rex cuter?

Male rex guinea pigs are usually a little more assertive and curious than females, but there are always exceptions to this rule.

A guinea pig’s friendliness is largely determined by its personality and ability to tame.

Do the Rex guinea pig bond with people?

Rex guinea pigs it’s great pets which can bond with people and their owners, but you need to earn their trust and tame them.

Most Rex guinea pig are a little insecure and wary of people at first, especially right after you bring them home.

But with time and patience, the Rex guinea pig can become an affectionate and loving pet.

Rex guinea pigs bite?

Rex guinea pig usually don’t bite unless they are threatened, upset, or scared.

There are only a few reasons why rex guinea pig can bite and pounce, which are listed below in the article:

  • Before you want to pick up your guinea pig, wash them beforehand or they will mistake you for food;
  • Your pet may bite or burst out of your hands because they want to go to the bathroom;
  • The guinea pig may have abrasions or sores that came from a cage companion. And every touch can be painful for them.

Do rex guinea pig smell?

Rex guinea pig are usually not smelly pets unless they are sick or have a dirty cage.

If your rex guinea pig is a little restless, check it carefully for signs of illness, infection, or other health problems.


A rex can emit a foul odor during diarrhea, especially if it has sand stuck to its tail. Also, dirty sebaceous glands can cause Rex guinea pig to smell.

Rex guinea pig with dirty sebaceous glands will have a sticky substance around their buttocks (similar to dark wax).

Male Rex guinea pig tend to have more active sebaceous glands than females, so they are more prone to problems with them.

Safety precautions

It is advisable to cover your Rex’s cage with a lid so he doesn’t run away or get within reach of other pets you may have.

Outdoor houses can also be made safer by putting fences around them.

This helps protect your guinea pigs from predators such as foxes and cats.

Can a rex live alone?

Rex guinea pigs can live alone, but are much happier in pairs or small groups.

All guinea pig breeds are sociable and like to be around their own kind, so try not to keep just one.

If you want to have just one guinea pig, be sure to give it plenty of attention and care. Single guinea pigs need more interaction than those kept in pairs/small groups to avoid boredom and loneliness.

How much does a Rex guinea pig cost?

The price range for guinea pigs rex is quite wide and ranges from 5 to 5 thousand rubles.

Although breeding is a more expensive choice – and you’ll have to chase your pet around for a while rather than racing to the nearest stationary pet store – it’s worth considering.

When you buy a rodent from such a place, you get its pedigree, which allows you to participate in shows.

It is common for pet stores to randomly breed closely related individuals, as they are all kept in the same tank.

In addition, rodents do not have a complete diet, and their contact with humans is limited.

Convincing such a guinea pig can be difficult, and sometimes even impossible.

Breeders’ ads can be found on advertising portals (, and on the Facebook fan page.

Although photos attract attention, the final decision should be taken only after visiting the kennel.

First, check that the animals are clean in their cages, how many animals lived in one place, and whether they were aggressive or looked sick.

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